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Tips Computer Keys Showing Hints And GuidanceAre you taking advantage of every opportunity you have to speed up the process? Here are some suggestions.

Are you ordering appraisals online? With online ordering you get automatic e-mail acknowledgements that the assignment was received, and fast, secure .PDF and .XML format report delivery. It’s the single biggest time saver available to both of us! We receive the order instantly and you don’t have to wonder whether we received it. Pre-payment is an option with online ordering as well.

Are you providing complete and accurate information about the subject property? Before sending the order, quickly verify: Appraisal product (when in doubt, give us a call), Borrower’s names and contact information. Property address to be appraised. FHA number is included (when applicable), all documents are included.

Are you letting us know up front any details about the property?  Including special instructions and notes make it possible for the report to progress more quickly

Are you making the occupants of the home aware of what to expect? One of the most time consuming parts of the appraisal process is setting an appointment with the occupants of the home. Let them know it’s in their interest to set the appointment as quickly as possible!

.Are you using our website as a resource to keep track of your report’s status? The CVS website provides up to the minute status updates that are accessible to you anytime, 24/7. As each important milestone in an assignment is completed, that information is available to you online. The CVS team is available Monday through Friday 9:00-5:30 EST. It’s never been easier and faster to keep track of your report’s status.

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